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Abra Roses Xoxo

Posted by Hitesh Patel in mp3 category

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lo fi glam pop Remix of the darkwave duchess' track Roses, one of my favouirte tracks this year and thought it'd sound really nice in a more upbeat style. I do not own this song it's merely a remix. All credits go to Abra and Awful records.
(If you want this taken down just drop us a message) Lyrics:
Petals fall from pink roses
And everything I thought I knew
I suppose is a lie
Everything dies and everything changes
I was never one to have a green thumb
And I’m
poster of Abra Roses Xoxo song

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(1)# ROSES XOXO mp3 Updated 87 hours ago
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(3)# Abra - Roses XOXO (Prom Essen Club Remix) mp3 Updated 70 hours ago
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(4)# (temp0ral mix (Abra [ROSES XOXO])) mp3 Updated 66 hours ago
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(5)# ABRA (Roses) mp3 Updated 50 hours ago
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(6)# Abra - Roses mp3 Updated 50 hours ago
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