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I'll Be Haunting You Lyrics

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Flipping this one final switch I'm effectively insuring that I will be
Overcoming all resistance long after my remains have been
Vaporized with extreme prejudice and shot into outer space

I'll be haunting you

Need I remind you of the oath you swore in 1993
Don't act like you don't act like you know why you flinch at the image of these words
That permanently skywritten in the ashes of my incinerated legacy

I'll be haunting you
I'll be haunting you
I'll be haunting you as you are staring into outer space

My absence has been weaponized the empty sockets where my eyes
Are swiveling to recognize and pin you down
I'm the ringing in your ears rewriting all your fears

And you're the only one who hears the sound
Telltale beating floorcase on this unreleasing remix
That rises like a phoenix from the ground

I'll be haunting you
I'll be haunting you
I'll be haunting you as you take in your outer spatial views
When you look up you'll remember me and then I'll be haunting you


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They Might Be Giants (TMBG) are an American alternative rock band formed in 1982 in Brooklyn, New York, United States by John Flansburgh (vocals, guitar) and John Linnell (vocals, keyboards, accordion). During TMBG's early years Flansburgh and Linnell were frequently accompanied by a drum machine. In the early nineties, TMBG became a full band. Currently, the members of TMBG are Flansburgh, Linnell, Marty Beller, Dan Miller, and Danny Weinkauf.

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