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I'm In The House Lyrics

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I’m in the house (x2)
I’m in the house-house-house-house
I’m in the house
I’m in the mother freaking house
I step this side and turn it out-out-ou-ou-ou-out
I got these honeys screaming ow (ow! ow! ow! ow!)

I walk in through the f**king do-do-do-do-door
I ran into DJ Aoki
Step to the booth and I say, “Yo.”

Beeping, I rock the mic and that’s no secret
I’m Zuper Blahq on that unique ish
So don’t be blinking, don’t be sleeping
I be, I be on my

You be jamming to this beat
I rock it with ill technique
Slinging heat like slinging coco leaves, my banging make you weak
I could beat it up, repeat it back-to-back-to-back-to-back
Directly rock the dance floor, ‘cuz I’m Zuper-Zuper Blahq

(I’m in the house) x3

I rock the place place p-place place
I-I rock the place that’s pumping bass
That kind of bass that make it shake
That seismic frequency that make that earthquake hey-hey-hey

Let’s go
Let’s go loco and lose control
Aoki, rock that electro
That girl ??? tow with those models ayo

I’m in the house (x8)

I’m ch-ch-chilling in a house like a G
With the bloody beetroots rocking ill frequencies
MSTRKRFT, Fist of God knock ‘em out with these
And the crazy f**king crookers break it down-down-down

Pase rock in the house like yo-yo-yo
Boys noise in the house like yo-yo-yo
LMFAO is in the house yo-yo-yo
I’m the Zuper-Zuper Blahq
I break it down-down-down

I’m in the house.
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Steve Aoki, the DJ/Producer, grew up in Newport Beach, CA, and went to college at UCSB. In his early 20s, he founded his own label, Dim Mak Records, in 1996. The label has released music by other electro house artists such as Datsik, Infected Mushroom, Dada Life, Zeds Dead, his own collaboration with Tiësto, MSTRKRFT, The Bloody Beetroots, Felix Cartal and Mustard Pimp, as well as by Bloc Party, Battles, The Kills, The Gossip, Klaxons, Scanners, Whitey, and Mystery Jets to name a few. The label has released over 250 records so far.

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