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Mc Chris Attax Lyrics

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Woo yeah
Woo yeah

Go mc [x11]

It's mc chris I'm twice as wide
As a kid whose tall enough to ride the rides
I be in your files like the FBI
So my shit quick and slick like slip and slide
That means I'm fat not with a P-H
But with a pound of bacon and a basket of eggs
You're whack so no matter how you bake
I be chillin' on the mics and you be lyin' in your grave

It's mc chris I'm scared I'm frightened
All my cliff notes I'm highlightin'
I'm in a blue font and the piranhas are brightened?
If I am a puppet I wish the strings tightened
But that's all right I got my ray gun and jet pack
to all the blood suckers got my AK so get back
Where you came from I won't mind
My name is mc chris now's the time to press rewind

Yeah so like I made rap song
It's not that wrong is it?
mc chris is so fly mc chris is the best
mc chris is a super rapper he's a super rapper (number 1)

Kick it Macy's day please press play
It's more like Halloween than independence day
My phaser on stun and I'm on the nod
I said I killed Godzilla and now here comes his son
And his reptilian daughter and I'll never be odder
But I blow them all away like I was the Godfather
I take over the school like I was Mr. Kotter
And I did it my way just like a punk rocker

Ready for system check (system check ready 10-4)
Seat belts (seat belts check)
Turbo booster (turbo booster check)
Deflector shields (deflector shields check)
Activate hyper space (hyper space activated)

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Chris Ward, otherwise known as mc chris (always free from punctuation and capitalization), is a voice actor, rapper and improvisational comedian born September 2, 1975, in Libertyville, Illinois. His trademarks include the synthesis of his "geek" heritage with the "gangster" image associated with hiphop artists, and the high pitch of his voice, celebrated in his 2003 song "10 Year Old" (likening his voice to a child of ten years age).

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Mc Chris