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Thank You Girl Lyrics

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Monday, love me
Tuesday, love him
Left me broken
Thought I'll never love again
Was looking, searching, finding nothing
Inside lonely
Then you, showed me what i was missing

I got to say thank you girl
I got to say thank you girl
I think I'm in love again
In love again
How can I thank you girl
I want to say thank you girl
I think I'm in love again
I can't remember, when was the last time

You hold me showed me
Why you really love me
Baby cause you're so, perfect
Baby you're so worthy
You filled me, with such
Happiness, that I cannot contain it
There's no way to explain it
I got to say thank you girl


Thank you girl for the loving that you bring
All the hugs and the kissing and the romancing
Girl when I'm with you there's no lonely feelings
A the joy weh yuh bring, girl a you a get the ring
Two a we together, birds cah fly pon one wing
Girl a you a di queen and a me a di king
Girl with you inna mi life, mi say nothing missing
So fi you darling a this yah song yah we mi sing
(A weh mi sing say)

[Chorus] AZ

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He catapulted to the top of the Jamaican charts in 1997 with the dancehall boomshots "Heads High" and "Nike Air", his distinctive vocals fusing melodious singing with precision deejaying (rapping). Since then he has built an international fan base with hit singles like "Pull Up", "Tamale" and "Hot Gal Today" but it is on his latest CD "Constant Spring" that Mr. Vegas' spectacular sing-jay approach and cleverly crafted lyrics dazzle with the intensity of an evening in, well, Las Vegas.

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