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Youth Without Youth Lyrics

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Hangman we played rubber soul with a razor blade
Behind the church, hiding place, it was a long joke till
The punch line came. Can you read my mind? Read my mind
Follow along 'til the end of the song

Hangman we played double dutch with a hand grenade
Behind the church, hiding place. Apathetic to the devil's
Face. Wear the sheriff's badge put your toys away
They let us go saying let us pray!

Hangman we played hide and seek on the fire escape
Through the smoke we saw the flame it was a long
Wait 'til the firetruck came. on the count of three
Jump with me on the count of three
1... 2... 1... 2... 3... GO!!!!

Hangman we played blind man's bluff with the
9th Brigade throw the brick through the windowpane,
Double dutch 'til they stop the game, till the cops
Show up hand cuff stunned they let us go but we
Lost one! Hangman we played blind man's
Bluff 'til they stopped the game Youth without
Youth born without time, Youth without
Youth, can you read my mind?

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Metric is an indie rock/new wave band formed in 1998 in Toronto, Canada. The band members are Emily Haines (vocals, synths, guitar, tambourine), James Shaw (guitar, synths, theremin, backing vocals), Josh Winstead (bass, synths, backing vocals) and Joules Scott-Key (drums). The band name was inspired after a sound called "Metric" that was programmed by Shaw on his keyboard. They were based at various times at Toronto, Montreal, London, NYC and LA.

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